Monday, April 29, 2013 | By: Rissa Webber

Adventures in Raised Gardening: Part 2 - Supplies and Preparation

Ok, so let me just say this project was A LOT bigger than I thought it was going to be.  I think that it is one of the bad things about Pinterest is that you think, "Oh, this will be so easy!  I can do that!"  While yes we were going to do it, the process was much longer drawn out than I thought it would be!

So first, the planning.  The first thing I did was plant some seeds in a seed pod thing that we actually bought last year and didn't ever end up using.  I planted tomatoes, summer squash, lettuce, spinach, and banana peppers.

Then I mapped out where and how big I wanted my gardens to be.  I wanted them away from the house but with plenty of room around them to walk and sit when actually gardening.  I decided on two 4 by 8 foot beds made two cinder blocks high.  Our house faces West and the bed are on the side of the yard that gets the most sunlight for all my full sun plants!  Then we went to our local nursery, and asked lots of questions.  They were so helpful and we left with a list of what we would be back to buy once the yard was more prepared to handle all of the soil we would be needing.

Here was our list of supplies:
72 4x4x8 cinder blocks (I went with the skinnier ones so they would take up less space)
2 cubic yards of top soil
2 bags of peat moss
5 bags of mushroom compost
2 bags vermiculite

We also had to get a wheelbarrow, a flat-head shovel, and a stamper. All told the supplies came to around $300 dollars.  It's a big investment up front, but I figure next year we will just have to add a little compost and we will be good to go.  Here's the hubby pushing the cinder blocks through Lowes.

Next we had a lot of digging to do.  We had to scalp the yard of the grass.  First we measured out the space.  Then I dug out the outline by myself.  then the hubby came in and did the grunt work. I promise, I helped.  He's just not into taking pictures while working!

Now our space is ready for the bricks and soil!!!

Who could forget our little garden baby!  Isn't she the cutest ????


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