Monday, June 11, 2012 | By: Rissa Webber

Can I get a little Organization Please?

Ok, so I have a board on Pinterest called "Good Ideas" and I pin things that I literally say "That's a good or sometimes even great idea!"  I have a few organizing pins in this board and yesterday I was inspired Pinspired to organize our medicine cabinet.  We use a cabinet in our kitchen for medicine because you aren't actually supposed to keep them in your bathroom.  Well, our cabinet was in complete shambles!  You couldn't find anything without taking everything out first and then it all just got piled in after you found __________.  Here is the before picture (very embarrassing!)
As you can see it's a mess!  Plus there was extra stuff (top shelf) that didn't even belong in that cabinet!  So I took it upon myself to get organized!  Here is my pinspiration that I used to help with this project.
organized medicine cabinet-- BTW, this entire website has amazing organizing tips.
I had some plastic baskets but not enough, I took a trip to the store to buy more baskets and a wire shelf to help with space.  I sorted all of our medical supplies by categories that made sense to me and got the trusty label maker out.  I am very pleased with the results!
Now, I can see everything I need and get an entire basket down to find my cure without having to empty my entire cabinet!  This should make life just a little bit easier.

Happy Pinning!


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