Tuesday, June 26, 2012 | By: Rissa Webber

14 Weeks

No chalkboard because we are on vacation!!!
How far along: 14 Weeks 1 day
Total weight gain: We've been on vacation for the past week and half and I am happy to say that in that time, I have not stepped on a scale... so I have no idea how much weight I've gained as of this week.
Maternity clothes: I bought a few shirts this week, while we were in Houston and have worn one for fun really (pictured above). My shorts and pants are starting to feel a little tight especially when sitting, so I think my belly band will be coming in handy soon.
Stretch marks: None
Sleep: Much better in the past 2 weeks.  My middle of the night potty breaks have almost stopped completely!  I am finding new pillow needs and will be exploring my options especially once we return home.
Symptoms: The pooch is there and firm as felt by my family this past week.  Morning sickness decided that the 2nd trimester would be the time to make it's debut.  I spent all day Sunday in bed or over the toilet.  Yesterday I was tired and still throwing up!  GROSS!
Best moment last week: Getting to see both my parents and my in-laws.  It was a lot of traveling but I had a really good time with all my family! This is a picture of me in Charleston at the Museum with my dad (taking the picture) 

Miss anything: Energy!
Movement: None yet
Food Cravings: Still salty stuff, and rice is always amazing.
Anything make you sick or queasy: beef, seeing other people get sick, I'm also very sensitive to smells - hard to say exactly which ones make me sick, though.
Gender: We find out on August 7 - No inkling as to boy or girl
Belly Button in or out: in
Wedding rings on or off: on
Mood: Mostly happy, unless hot or tired
Looking forward to: Spending the week on the lake with my hot hubby of 3 years.  Here's the view!  Isn't it amazing???


Anonymous said...

I hope you had a relaxing time at the lake with the hubs. Great pix.

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