Saturday, June 2, 2012 | By: Rissa Webber

Monogram Wreath

I know we've all seen the adorable wreaths with a letter in the middle... Aren't they just the cutest!?!  I have several pinned to my "Crafts" board.  Here is where my inspiration came from

When I set out to make my own wreath I really wanted the letter and the house numbers.  As I set everything out and got started, I realized that this was not going to happen!  I chose to use the letter instead of the numbers because I love anything with a W on them! Here is what I started with - a twisted branch wreath, flowers, a wooden W, and some scrapbook paper. (Supplies were purchased at Hobby Lobby and Joann's)
The first thing I did was decoupage my W with a fun Spring scrapbook paper.  Here is my picture tutorial of how I like to decoupage letters.  Not by any means the best way, but I like it and it works!
Trace the letter wrong side up on the back side of your paper so you won't have any tracing lines on your pretty paper.

 Cut and mod podge. Yes, the cut out is a little bigger than the letter - I like doing it this way to account for any errors.  I do one thin coat under the paper then lay the paper on the letter.  Let that dry completely to make sure you get out any bubbles (use a bone folder to get out bubbles)  After the under layer of mod podge is dry, then coat the top and then let dry.  I actually did the rest of the wreath while my letter was drying.

 Once the letter is completely dry, take an exacto knife and cut off all the excess edges.  If you don't make sure to let the letter completely dry, your paper will tear and you won't get a clean line. 
 Here is my W with all the edges cut off.
For the rest of the wreath, I just cut off all the flowers and arranged them how I liked and hot glued everything in place.  I liked having more flowers than my inspiration wreaths, so I put flowers on both sides of the wreath on an angle.
The last thing to add was my W.  I used left over brown ribbon to attach the W to the wreath.  I threaded the ribbon through the back of the wreath and just hot glued the letter to the ribbon so that it hung the way I liked.
Here is the finished product!  I was very pleased with how it turned out!  I love pulling into my driveway to see it!
Happy Pinning!


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