Sunday, November 11, 2012 | By: Rissa Webber

Photo Collage

So it's been a while since I posted about anything other than my pregnancy, so here is something a little different while still related to Ainsleigh.  

One thing I have found on Pinterest that I really love are these photo collages. Here are some of my favorite!
Picture Wall

 I have been looking at them for a quite a while trying to figure out where in my house I could create my own.  When we started planning Ainsleigh's nursery, I decided that a photo collage would be perfect over her dresser/changing table!  I didn't want to spend a whole lot of money on the frames, so I headed to our local thrift store called Helping Hands.  I spent some time looking through the preowned frames and walked out with $8.00 worth of frames (each cost no more that $2 a piece). Well one trip wasn't enough because after getting home the frames I bought weren't  in the best shape when I got them all home.  When my mom was in town, we headed back to helping hands and used this collage as our inspiration for finding the right frames.

We got all the frames home and I laid them out on our kitchen floor in the pattern that I wanted them on the wall. (I'm missing the W in this picture)

The next step in this process was to the paint all the frames one color.  Since our furniture is white and we are going with that clean look, we decided white would be best.  Mom took on this project and painted two coats of white spray paint on all the frames. Sorry no pictures of this step.
Next, we had to actually hand the frames.  I was trying to figure out a way to hang the frames in the places where I wanted them.  So I traced the frames on newspaper and cut out the templates of the frames.  I hung the templates on the wall in the same arrangement I had them laid on the floor. 

This method worked great to get the spacing correct and to make sure the frames were at the height I wanted over the dresser.  I could easily move the newspaper around before hammering a bunch of holes into the wall.  The hubby came in next to actually do the hammering and hanging of the frames.  He measured each frame to make sure the hole lined up with the frame hanger for each frame since they were all different.

Now, the frames don't have pictures in them quite yet.  We are waiting to get the prints back from our maternity shoot (see a sneak peak here) and I am going to order some elephant prints from Esty to display.  Here is the picture of the wall with all the frames!

 Once all the photos are in and the whole thing is complete I'll add a new photo!  
Happy Pinning!
PInspired Riss



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