Monday, September 24, 2012 | By: Rissa Webber

27 Weeks!

How far along: 27 weeks 
Total weight gain: +12ish.   I'll know for sure after Friday's Dr. appointment
Maternity clothes: Same as last week - Dresses are still working wonder (as pictured).  Going to need some more leggings soon as it gets cooler.  Maternity clothes on most days which means lots of laundry because I don't have near as many outfits in this section of my closet.     
Stretch marks: None
Sleep: Pretty good most nights.  Back to be sleepy very early in the evening- around 8-8:30.  Breathe right strips help eliminate the snoring and the hubby is quick to remind me when I forget to use them.
Symptoms:  My back and feet are way more tired/sore at the end of EVERY day.  Still have dizzy spells. Forgetting stuff, which is awful when I'm teaching!
Best moment this week: Waking up Saturday morning to a dance party in my belly!  I've never felt her move that much or that strong. We also got to go to a Hogs game and see Noises Off at a local theatre.  Such a great weekend!

Miss anything: Sushi, and a glass of red wine.
Movement: So much movement lately.  It such an amazing feeling.  Although I think it must be fun to kick/punch my bladder because she does it all the time!
Food Cravings: Still have a sweet tooth this week.  Really liking my fall candy!!!  
Anything make you sick or queasy: I genuinely tried to eat some ground beef yesterday and it was so gross!  The other thing this week that made my stomach turn was Greek yogurt.
Gender: GIRL!  Ainsleigh Ryen. 
Belly Button in or out: in but starting to flatten out and my belly button ring doesn't quite sit right in my belly button any more.
Wedding rings on or off: on
Mood: Much more calm this week.  Actually feeling like I have my head on my shoulders which is a welcomed feeling. 
Looking forward to: Dr. appt on Friday. Painting the nursery.  Getting our furniture in. October break from school! Mom and MIL coming to town!!!


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