Tuesday, October 2, 2012 | By: Rissa Webber

Third Trimester

How far along: 28 weeks  1 Day
Total weight gain: +8.5... dropped some weight but measuring exactly perfect.  I did find out that I'm anemic and the Dr. told me to drink more milk to try to put on some weight.  I've also decided that I'm really going to stop worrying so much about what I'm eating.
Maternity clothes: Lots of dresses.  Can still belly band when my 3 pairs of maternity pants are dirty (as pictured)  Feeling like I need to go to shopping because I keep recycling the same outfits which is not like me at all!    
Stretch marks: None
Sleep: Sleeping well.  I can usually fall asleep very quickly.  Having some middle of the night trips to the bathroom, but not interrupting my sleep too much.  Back to be sleepy very early in the evening- around 8-8:30.  Breathe right strips help eliminate the snoring and the hubby is quick to remind me when I forget to use them.
Symptoms:  My back and feet are way more tired/sore at the end of EVERY day.  Still have dizzy spells. I have a spot on my right leg that is tingly which the dr. says means little Ainsleigh is laying on a nerve.
Best moment this week: Finally painting the nursery this past weekend.  It's a beautiful grey and I can't wait to get going all the rest of the room. 
Miss anything: Sushi, and a glass of red wine.
Movement: Lots of movement, especially after I eat.  I started feeling her kick/move up at the top of my stomach in the last couple of days.  I think she's finally starting to stretch out but she loves the right side still!
Food Cravings: Sweets, apples, sweet tea
Anything make you sick or queasy:ground beef still out and haven't done the Greek yogurt in the last 2 weeks
Gender: GIRL!  Ainsleigh Ryen. 
Belly Button in or out: in but starting to flatten out and my belly button ring doesn't quite sit right in my belly button any more.
Wedding rings on or off: on
Mood: Happy most of the time.  Still have lots to do and get stressed easily. 
Looking forward to:   Getting our furniture in. October break from school! Mom and MIL coming to town!!!


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